classic bolt next to mega bolt
inside volume:  2.81 in3 inside diameter:  0.5 in  weight: 4.7 oz (134g)
UPC: 752754200631
classic bolt with micro SD cards and cash
$24.99 + free shipping
inside volume:  4.4 in3 inside diameter:  0.625 in weight: 8.7 oz (246g)
UPC: 897564708721
mego bolt with gold and diamonds
$37.99 + free shipping

Simple, ingenious design is essential for the concealable gadgets spy work calls for. The Spy Bolt fits the bill perfectly!

  • Large Storage Area (See Images)
  • Reverse Threading on Bolt Head for Added Security
  • 2 Sizes: Classic & Mega
  • Great for Hiding in the Car, at Home, Garage, Workshop or Backpack

BONUS: The Mega bolt now comes with 2 storage containers that fit neatly inside of it. Use is optional.