classic bolt next to mega bolt
inside volume:  2.81 in3 inside diameter:  0.5 in  weight: 4.7 oz (134g)
UPC: 752754200631
classic bolt with micro SD cards and cash
$24.99 + free shipping
inside volume:  4.4 in3 inside diameter:  0.625 in weight: 8.7 oz (246g)
UPC: 897564708721
mego bolt with gold and diamonds
$37.99 + free shipping


How long will it take to get my Spy Bolt? It will take anywhere from 2 - 14 business days from when you place your order depending on your chosen shipping method. International orders can take up to 21 days to arrive due to customs delays. Unfortunatly, we have no control over delivery time once the package leaves our warehouse. I want to buy a bunch of Spy Bolts, do you offer bulk discounts? Please contact us for large order enquiries. Do you sell other products, or just the Spy Bolt? While the Spy Bolt is one of our featured products, Irongate Enterprises has other unique products available. These can be seen at If I keep this in a drawer in my garage, won't it stand out? I'd hate to have my valuables in a shiny, brand-new bolt. All our Spy Bolts are made with real bolts, which have the same dings, smudges, grease marks, and wear as any other bolt or screw in your garage. For additional security, all our Spy Bolts also feature reverse-threaded heads. What if I want to keep this outside? Will it protect my valuables from the rain, snow, etc? Yes. The Spy Bolt features a secure O-ring seal, making it a weatherproof container.